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I have 9 of the best healthy baked fish recipes that are quick and easy to make. I think you'll love the variety and ease of these recipes.

We all know that fish is good for us. It's low in fat and high in heart-healthy Omega 3 fish oil, which is good for your heart. When fish is baked it is the healthiest plus baking fish is really quick and easy. That's why I put together these recipes. Each recipe is either Clean Eating, gluten-free or both.

9 of the Best Ever Healthy Baked Fish Recipes - My Natural Family (1)

I love all kinds of fish, but I have always had a hard time knowing how to cook it to make it both still healthy and taste good.Baking fish is a really good way to go. It is easy and generally is healthy and I think it's the hardest way to mess up fish.

There is a large variety so you should be able to find more than onenew recipe you like. I am excited to find so many good recipes.My usual way of making it is to grill a fish fillet on my small Lean Fat Grillin' Machine with some lemon pepper on it.

I eat it with brown rice and vegetables or make a sandwich. If I'm feeling really fancy, I'll cut up some lemon wedges and squirt some fresh lemon over my fish and in my water.

Salmon is my favorite, but with the price of everything rising so much, I'm excited to try a lot of other kinds of fish also. What's your favorite type of fish?

Variety is the spice of life you know! Are you ready to try all of these recipes too? Let me know how they turn out.

Healthy Baked Fish Recipes

1.Easy Baked Salmon Recipe with a Lemon Garlic Herb Crust - My Natural Family

Butter - Lemon - Salmon

This very simple baked salmon is so quick and easy to make. It only has three ingredients if you don't count the five herbs. If you are afraid of cooking salmon like I used to be you should try this recipe. Your fears will disappear and you'll be making baked fish every week. Yes, you can also use this recipe for other types of fish.

30-Minute Tilapia Veracruz -My Natural Family

Tilapia - Onion - Anaheim Chili - Tomatoes - Green Olives - Capers - Lime

Since I ate fish Veracruz in a restaurant I finally learned to like fish and not be afraid of cooking it. I tried to copy the dish and this is what I came up with. It's basically your favorite kind of fish which you buy frozen cooked in one pan with a tomato sauce on it. The green olives and capers give it a lot of extra flavors but aren't always necessary.

Maple Walnut Crusted Salmon- The Healthy Foodie

Ghee * - Salmon Fillets - Walnuts - Smoked Paprika - Chipotle Powder - Maple Syrup * - Apple Cider Vinegar * - Coconut Aminos *

Salmon is a very easy fish to cook. Its flesh is firm and it holds its shape really well. You can cook it pretty much any way you want and it will stay in one piece. You can grill it, smoke it, poach it or pan fry it. You could also cover it with a walnut crust and bake it in the oven and have dinner ready in a few minutes. It doesn't have a real sweet taste with only subtle hints of sweetness. It also has a little kick from the pepper.

Garlic Butter Baked Salmon in Foil- Little Spice Jar

Salmon - Lemon Juice - Garlic - Butter - Italian Seasoning - Red Pepper Flakes - Parsley

This Salmon is brushed with garlic butter and lemon sauce and baked in foil. It's easy to make and can be ready to eat in 30 minutes or less. When salmon is cooked in foil it turns out very tender and flakey. Garlic and butter together is a favorite of mine and it's so good on this salmon.

5-Ingredient Tuscan Baked Fish- Sweet C'S

Olive Oil - Onion - Diced Tomatoes with Oregano and Basil - Fish of Choice - Capers

My kids are pretty picky and they don't like fishy smells or flavors but they really like this fish. There are only five ingredients. The whole family will love this quick and easy meal. You make the sauce and soften some onions and then you put the sauce on top of the fish and bake in the oven.

Easy Salmon and Potato Foil Packets- Averie Cooks

Potato - Olive Oil - Salmon Filets - Orange - Lemon

This is really easy to make, so much so that a beginning cook can make it and get compliments. It only takes half an hour to bake. All you do is put the potatoes on the foil, put the salmon on top, then sprinkle the olive oil and juices on top, seal the foil and bake it. Just make sure you slice the potatoes really thin so they can be cooked at the same time the salmon is.

Parmesan Crusted Tilapia- Taste and Tell

Parmesan Cheese - Paprika - Parsley - Olive Oil - Tilapia Fillets - Lemon

This is simple to prepare and can be on the table in twenty minutes. It takes longer for the oven to preheat than it does for the fish to cook. It tastes so good that a five-year-old becomes a fish lover.

One-pan Mediterranean Baked Halibut with Vegetables- The Mediterranean Dish

Lemons - Olive Oil - Garlic - Dill Weed - French Green Beans - Cherry Tomatoes - Onions - Halibut Fillet

This is another easy way to prepare fish but this time we're using halibut. You just make a sauce with the olive oil and other ingredients. Place it over the green beans and tomatoes and bake it all in the oven. Takes thirty minutes or less.

Honey Garlic Salmon- I Food Real

Honey - Lemon/Lime Juice - Garlic - Salmon Fillets - Coconut Oil - Green Onions

These salmon fillets are covered with a caramelized honey crust and topped with a bit of garlic and green onions. It's simple, clean and delicious. I suggest serving it will steamed broccoli and cooked quinoa * or brown rice.

Blood Orange Baked Salmon & Carrots - Whitney Bond

Blood Oranges - Honey - Chipotle Powder - Cumin - Garlic - Salmon - Carrots

If you want to impress guests with an easy gorgeous meal, that is it! It tastes good and is healthy too. This salmon has a honey chipotle pepper and blood orange glaze that you put on top of the salmon. Add some rainbow color carrots to put alongside it and you have this beautiful meal.

Slow Baked Chili Salmon - The Endless Meal

Salmon or Trout Fillet - Chili Powder - Smoked Paprika - Oregano - Real Salt - Olive Oil - Fresh Dill

This salmon is coated with chili spices to give it a little spicy flavor. But the real secret to this delicious recipe is how it's baked. Most fish recipes say to bake it for about 15 minutes at 350 degrees. If you don't keep a very close eye on it, the fish will turn out dry and not as good as it could be. This salmon is cooked on 270 degrees for 30 minutes. The result is a tender moist fish. Ever thought of eating salmon leftover cold? Well, Kristen says to never heat it up, just eat it cold and you'll be surprised how wonderful it is. She gives further instructions so check them out.

Maple Mustard Poppy Seed Baked Cod - Cotter Crunch

Cod - Dijon Mustard - Garlic Powder - Mustard Powder - Olive Oil - Maple Syrup - Poppy Seed - Onion- Lemon Juice

Did you know that poppy seeds can alter a drug test? Well, they can. That's pretty ironic because poppy seeds have a lot of good nutrients in them like iodine, copper, zinc, magnesium, calcium,and manganese. So, even though this meal is good and healthy it is also super simple to make and equally delicious. It's a light meal and quick to make too.

Mustard Crusted Salmon with Roasted Asparagus - Cook Eat Paleo

Salmon - Asparagus - Olive Oil - Real Salt - Mustard - Lemon

This salmon with mustard on top is a great easy and quick sheet pan dinner. It can be on the table in a few minutes. It's faster than picking up take out. Maybe even if wherever you get takeout, which probably isn't gluten-free anyway, is right next door to you. The key to his salmon recipes is using good quality fresh ingredients. It takes about 10 minutes to cook this.

Gluten-Free Potato Chip Baked Fish - Mama Gourmand

Tilapia - Corn Chex Cereal - Parmesan Cheese - Potato Chips - Paprika - Butter

I love fish and chips but this a new easy take on fish and chips and of course they are gluten-free. The coating is made with potato chips and corn Chex cereal. You can't have fish and chips without tartar sauce. Truth be told, I think that's the best part. Mama Gourmand includes a homemade tartar sauce recipe. It looks really easy to make. I haven't tried it yet but I bet it tastes way better than that stuff you buy in a jar.

Lemon Baked Cod with Parmesan Cheese - Savory Tooth

Cod - Parmesan Cheese - Lemon - Garlic - Butter - Fresh Parsley - Paprika

If you're like me and tired of making chicken every night. It's so easy to make, probably easier than chicken. Fish cooks up so quickly you know. The parmesan cheese and lemon flavor meld really well together. You'll probably be adding this to your weeknight dinner rotation. I like it because it can be made with ingredients that I already have in my cupboard. Well, I don't keep codfish in my cupboard. But you know what I mean. No extra cost buying some fancy ingredient that I use once and then it sits in my cupboard forever.



9 of the Best Ever Healthy Baked Fish Recipes - My Natural Family (2)

Healthy Baked Fish Recipes

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Check out this list of 9 of the best healthy baked fish recipes that are quick and easy to make. I think you'll love the variety and ease of these recipes.


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9 of the Best Ever Healthy Baked Fish Recipes - My Natural Family (2024)


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