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Smart home technology is becoming more popular every day and is gradually being used in common home devices such as Smart lights, flood lights, ceiling fans, etc. This wide use has encouraged people worldwide to invest in and adapt to these tech-savvy, time-saving appliances. Therefore, we will be looking at the best smart ceiling fans with lights.

Smart ceiling fans are a great addition to every smart homeowner’s collection. They can be easily controlled using either voice commands or remote operation, eliminating the need to get up whenever you need to switch the fan on or off. Also, many smart fans include lights to provide two-in-one functionality.

But since smart ceiling fans with a light are quite expensive, many customers are often doubtful when choosing the best product that offers value for money. Therefore, for all those in doubt, we have listed and reviewed the best smart ceiling fans with lights that will fit your lifestyle without being too harsh on your pockets. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

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CEME Farmhouse Ceiling FanOur Pick

Best Smart Ceiling Fans with Lights 2023 - Ensmartech (1)

Best Smart Ceiling Fans with Lights 2023 - Ensmartech (2)

CEME’s Farmhouse Ceiling Fan is designed to go well with modern households. First, it has an attractive aesthetic design that gives it an overall rural finish. Secondly, it features reversible blades and a ten-speed motor to reach your desired speed in no time. Finally, the fan is ideal for indoor and outdoor use, all thanks to its built-in smart controls.


  • Multiple control options
  • Powerful DC Motor
  • Dimmable LED light
  • Timer and schedule function
  • Outdoor and indoor use

Multiple Control Options

Best Smart Ceiling Fans with Lights 2023 - Ensmartech (3)

This ceiling fan supports multiple control methods; you can control it remotely using a mobile app or by giving voice commands through Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri. Therefore, you can switch the fan on and off without available WiFi signals and change its settings from remote using the mobile app.

Powerful DC Motor

Best Smart Ceiling Fans with Lights 2023 - Ensmartech (4)

This smart fan features a powerful DC motor that operates at ten speeds. The airflow of the motor is up to 4024 CFM and goes down to 980 CFM. The motor has silicon steel and reversible blades for noiseless operation. Also, you can switch directions from downward to upward using the reverse airflow function.

Timers and Schedule Functions

Best Smart Ceiling Fans with Lights 2023 - Ensmartech (5)

With these functions, you can pre-set different times for different ceiling fans to operate. Similarly, you can also schedule the time to turn them off.

Verdict: CEME’s Farmhouse Ceiling Fan is the most practical and versatile ceiling fan with a light for smart homeowners. It’s a 52 inches smart ceiling fan with 5 fan blade design that gives an excellent cooling performance. Additionally, the fan makes no noise when it works, and the light in the middle of the fan features three colour temperatures. Thanks to its 10 fan speeds and blade design, the fan is larger than most fans. On the flip side, it is backed by a limited 30-day warranty which can steer some customers away.

Best Smart Ceiling Fans with Lights 2023 - Ensmartech (6)

CEME Farmhouse Ceiling Fan


52 inches fan size

5 fan blades for better cooling

Multiple control options

10 different fan speeds

Easy to adjust the light in the centre

Makes no noise while working


Very short warranty period

Obabala Outdoor Walnut Ceiling FansRunner Up

Best Smart Ceiling Fans with Lights 2023 - Ensmartech (7)

Best Smart Ceiling Fans with Lights 2023 - Ensmartech (8)

With a stylish and attractive design, this ceiling fan is the ideal choice for all living spaces. Its walnut wood blades give it a modern look that goes well with the decor of your dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, farmhouses, pavilions, and other outdoor areas. In addition, it comes with lights and a remote control to change the light settings. The fan blades are 52 inches and have great airflow; they can also effectively reverse the airflow direction.


  • Modern design
  • Lights and Remote Control
  • Silent DC Motor
  • Warranty service

Modern design

Best Smart Ceiling Fans with Lights 2023 - Ensmartech (9)

The ceiling fan features classic walnut wood blades, a white shade, and a matte black motor that compliments almost all types of decorative styles used in modern homes. Because of its moisture-proof nature, it’s also great for humid outdoor spaces like patios, garages, farmhouses etc.

Lights and Remote Control

Best Smart Ceiling Fans with Lights 2023 - Ensmartech (10)

The ceiling fan comes with a 1500 Lumens dimmable LED light kit that helps save energy and lasts for an extended period. The fan also has a remote control that adjusts the fan’s speed between six levels, sets a working time, and changes temperatures.

Warranty service

Obabala promises a reliable warranty and customer service for all its products. Similarly, This ceiling fan is backed by a 12-month motor warranty.

Verdict: Obabala Outdoor Walnut Ceiling Fan is perfect to use in indoor and outdoor areas as long as they are protected from snow and rain. The fan has a unique, modern, yet medieval finish to suit the aesthetics of different households. In addition, its noiseless operation, six-speed levels and energy-saving light with three colour temperatures make it the best smart fan for its price. The only setback is that the Obabala ceiling fan is difficult to install.

Best Smart Ceiling Fans with Lights 2023 - Ensmartech (11)

Obabala Outdoor Walnut Ceiling Fans


Stylish and attractive design

Six-speed levels

Led light with three-colour temperature

Timer function

Remote control to adjust fan speed and other settings

12-month warranty and lifetime motor warranty


Difficult installation

Warmiplanet Ceiling Fan with Lights

Best Smart Ceiling Fans with Lights 2023 - Ensmartech (12)

Best Smart Ceiling Fans with Lights 2023 - Ensmartech (13)

The Warmiplanet ceiling fan has a double-faced blade, light, timer function, and remote. It includes five blades, each of size 52 inches which operate on three different fan speeds. Additionally, its included remote control is used to control the temperature-dependent LED lights.


  • Easy to install
  • Multi-functional remote control
  • LED Light
  • Double-faced
  • Silent Reversible Motor

LED Light

Best Smart Ceiling Fans with Lights 2023 - Ensmartech (14)

This ceiling fan comes with a 24-watt LED light that guarantees a long life. The light features three colour temperatures: cool white (6000K), warm white (3000K), and natural light (4000K). You can change the light colour by using Warmiplanet’s remote control.

Multi-Functional Remote Control

Best Smart Ceiling Fans with Lights 2023 - Ensmartech (15)

Its remote can also be used for various other purposes along with adjusting light colours, such as for switching the fan on/off, changing the fan speed and pre-programing the time for the operation.

Silent Reversible Motor

Best Smart Ceiling Fans with Lights 2023 - Ensmartech (16)The reversible motor can automatically make updrafts in winter and downdrafts in summer. Meanwhile, the fan makes noise of fewer than 50 decibels for a pleasant and peaceful environment.

Verdict: Warmiplanet ceiling fan includes 52 inches long five blades and is available in brushed nickel silver and black colours. With its user-friendly remote controls, you can easily adjust the light intensity, fan speed, blade direction and pre-set timings for operation. The only difficulty you might face while using this fan is during its installation process because of its incomprehensive and vague instruction manual.

Best Smart Ceiling Fans with Lights 2023 - Ensmartech (17)

Warmiplanet Ceiling Fan with Lights


Sleek and stylish design

52 inches fan size

5 fan blades

Three different fan speeds

Led light with three colour temperatures

Timer function

Remote control with multiple functions


Not best for compact spaces

Unclear installation instructions

Padiouxs Flush Mount Smart Ceiling Fan

Best Smart Ceiling Fans with Lights 2023 - Ensmartech (18)

Best Smart Ceiling Fans with Lights 2023 - Ensmartech (19)

Our next ceiling fan comes with a reversible DC motor that provides superior airflow performance. Padiouxs flush mount ceiling fan operates in the background and creates a comfortable and quiet environment to sleep in. Its compact blade design makes it suitable for small living rooms and bedrooms, while the LED light offers a non-glaring, soft effect that is pleasing to the eyes.


  • Silent and Comfortable
  • Elegant & Soft Lighting
  • Timer Function
  • Sturdy Transparent Blades
  • Dimmable LED Light
  • Good Customer Service

Silent and Comfortable

The fan comes with a pure copper motor that runs smoothly and has superior airflow which means little to no noise. Additionally, its energy-efficient dimmable LED lights are extremely soft and glare-free.

Timer Function and Remote control

Best Smart Ceiling Fans with Lights 2023 - Ensmartech (20)

This ceiling fan has a timer function that lets you pre-program timings to turn the fan off/on automatically. The fan also comes with a remote control that helps change the timing settings and switch between six fan speeds.

Dimmable LED Light

Best Smart Ceiling Fans with Lights 2023 - Ensmartech (21)

Padiouxs Fan’s LED light has three colour temperatures: Warm White (3000K), Bluish-White (6500K), And Daylight (4000K). These colour temperatures can be changed using the user-friendly remote control.

Verdict: Padiouxs Flush Mount Smart Ceiling Fan is designed to easily blend into any room and increase its overall visual appeal. It is versatile enough to be controlled by remote control, mobile app and wall switch. The fan also comes with two months of free return service and a one-year parts replacement service. However, putting together this ceiling fan may take some time and effort.

Best Smart Ceiling Fans with Lights 2023 - Ensmartech (22)

Padiouxs Flush Mount Smart Ceiling Fan


Stylish design

Ideal for small rooms

Timer function

Six fan speeds

Makes no noise

Energy-saving LED light kit

Can be controlled by remote control and mobile app


Difficult installation

LENIVER Flush Mount Smart Ceiling Fan

Best Smart Ceiling Fans with Lights 2023 - Ensmartech (23)

Best Smart Ceiling Fans with Lights 2023 - Ensmartech (24)

With a unique design and a 30-inch modern fan light, Leniver Flush Mount is an excellent choice for those looking for an attractive and effective ceiling fan. It promotes a calm and cozy environment by making use of its strong airflow and noiseless motor. Next, its energy-saving ultra-bright bulbs provide sufficient light, eliminating the need for using an additional light source.


  • Large blade size
  • Smart app/remote control
  • Memory function
  • Powerful and quiet motor
  • Ultra bright, energy-saving light

Large Blade Size

Best Smart Ceiling Fans with Lights 2023 - Ensmartech (25)

This smart ceiling fan has a 30-inch unique and modern blade size. Both, the fan and its lights have a stylish finish that complements the decors of different rooms, including your living room, bedroom, kitchen, restaurant, hotel, apartment, office, bar, and hallway.

Smart App/Remote Control

Best Smart Ceiling Fans with Lights 2023 - Ensmartech (26)

You can control your LENIVER ceiling fan via its remote or smart app (compatible with iOS and Android devices). You can use either of them to adjust the brightness, light colour, timing settings and fan speed. It also allows you to change between different modes, including normal/night light modes and summer/winter.

Powerful/Quiet Motor

Best Smart Ceiling Fans with Lights 2023 - Ensmartech (27)

The fan has a DC motor that runs smoothly and is pretty quiet. It provides six kinds of wind speeds that efficiently circulate the indoor air, creating a relaxing and silent sleeping environment.

Verdict: LENIVER Flush Mount Smart Fan is a superb match for homeowners searching for a modern and effective ceiling fan. It goes well with different indoor decors and ensures effective airflow. Furthermore, the fan also comes with a memory function that lets you customize the brightness and colour for your personal use.

Best Smart Ceiling Fans with Lights 2023 - Ensmartech (28)

LENIVER Flush Mount Smart Ceiling Fan


Stylish and modern design

Six fan speeds

Motor produces no noises

Energy-saving, super bright, and high-quality lights

Remote and smart app control

12 months warranty



Buying Guide

A smart ceiling fan has many useful features which make things simpler for the owners and add to their overall charm and functionality. Here’s a list of a few such features you should always consider when looking for the best smart ceiling fans with lights:

1. Fan Size

The first thing you need to take into account when purchasing a ceiling fan is its size. Smart ceiling fans come in different sizes and shapes. You should choose the fan size depending on how big or small the room you require the fan for is. The fan size also determines the airflow performance. For a cool, chilled airflow, go for a big fan size between 60 to 65 inches.

2. Inbuilt Light

An inbuilt light in a smart ceiling fan adds to its functionality. But remember to check the quality of these lights before paying for their price since they can differ greatly in terms of colour, temperature, and brightness. For brightness, the light for the power output is rated in either watts or lumens. This lets you know about the smart ceiling fan’s maximum light intensity. On the other hand, the colour temperatures can vary with respect to tone.

3. Number of Blades

The number of blades also correlates to the cooling performance of a smart ceiling fan. Smart fans with a higher number of blades will have superior cooling performance. Hence, we advise going for five or six blades instead of the conventional 3 blades. However, it is important to remember that a higher blade count often equates to louder noise.

4. Controls

The sole reason behind investing in a smart ceiling fan is because of its hassle-free controls. These fans are most adored for their user-friendly use, all thanks to the multiple control options. Almost all smart ceiling fans have WiFi connectivity while others offer remote control options for better performance and ease. Some fans also provide compatibility with voice command platforms such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri by Apple.

These control options are used to adjust your fan’s settings, including the timer function, memory function, fan speed, and colour temperature.

5. Warranty

Smart ceiling fans with a light are often sold at a high price. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that you get an excellent warranty and service with the product you buy. We suggest investing in a product with a maximum of 3 or 5-year warranty and a minimum of a 1-year warranty.


Why should you use a smart ceiling fan?

Smart ceiling fans are an excellent addition to any household. They are mostly supported by wireless remote or voice control with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri platforms. These smart features allow you to monitor, adjust, and change the fan settings according to your needs.

Are smart ceiling fans worth the expensive price tag?

The best smart ceiling fans with lights are energy-efficient and high-end fans that offer the utmost convenience and are worth the hefty price tag. In addition, these fans are superior in airflow performance and provide better functions and control options like voice commands and remote control. To conclude, they might be costly, but they offer benefits that a non-smart ceiling fan can’t even dream of.


When purchasing a smart ceiling fan, you don’t always have to focus on buying the one with the best compatibility with your home tech. In fact, factors like fan speed, noise levels, control options, and airflow capacity are just as important. This is why CEME Farmhouse Ceiling Fan is the best smart ceiling fans with lights. It is super versatile and one of the largest smart ceiling fans with a light available on the market. This fan features 5 blades, 10 fan speeds and a noiseless motor which makes it the most reliable and effective product on our list.

Best Smart Ceiling Fans with Lights 2023 - Ensmartech (29)


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Best Smart Ceiling Fans with Lights 2023 - Ensmartech (2024)


What is the most reliable brand of ceiling fan? ›

  • Best Overall: Minka-Aire Light Wave 52-Inch Ceiling Fan » ...
  • Best Budget: Minka-Aire Pure 48-Inch Ceiling Fan » ...
  • Quietest: Minka-Aire Minute 52-Inch Ceiling Fan » ...
  • Best for Large Room: Big Ass Fans Haiku Gen Four Ceiling Fan » ...
  • Best for Small Rooms: Visual Comfort & Co.

Are smart ceiling fans worth it? ›

If you are buying a new ceiling fan and want to save some energy and have more fine tuned control of your environment, then getting a smart ceiling fan is a good choice and the cost compared to a “dumb” fan is not that much more and can be made up in energy bill savings.

What is the best ceiling fan with a light? ›

Hampton Bay Mena Ceiling Fan

Not every ceiling fan is outfitted with a light, but picking a model that has this feature can greatly improve the functionality of your fan. You have many options for this type of ceiling fan, but we recommend the Hampton Bay Mena 54-inch Ceiling Fan with Light Kit.

Can Alexa control my ceiling fan? ›

Once that is set up, you can use voice commands to turn the fan on or off, or control the fan speed. Yes, you can turn on and off ceiling fans with Alexa or Google Home devices.

Are more expensive ceiling fans better? ›

A more expensive fan that operates quietly and smoothly will probably offer more trouble-free service than cheaper units. Check the noise ratings, and, if possible, listen to your fan in operation before you buy it. When buying ceiling fans, look for the ENERGY STAR® label.

How many years should a ceiling fan last? ›

A standard ceiling fan tends to last up to 10 years, but this will all depend on the quality of it and how you look after it. Factors will include how often you use it and how often you don't use it.

What are the disadvantages of smart fans? ›

More Expensive: Compared to regular fans, BLDC fans are more expensive. Traditional fans use low-cost mechanical commutation, while BLDC fans use electronic controllers, which increases the cost of these fans. Vibrations at Low Speed: BLDC fan motors may produce small vibrations at low speeds, causing resonance.

What to look out for when buying a ceiling fan? ›

Things To Know Before Buying a Ceiling Fan
  • (1) Energy Savings. ...
  • (2) Larger Rooms Need Bigger Fans. ...
  • (3) Bathroom and Outdoor Ceiling Fans. ...
  • (4) Fan Blade Pitch and Size. ...
  • (5)The Motor. ...
  • (6)Choose a Lighting Style and Kit to Match Your Decor. ...
  • (7) Consider the Warranty. ...
  • (8)Installation.

Can I turn my ceiling fan into a smart fan? ›

Convert a ceiling fan into a smart fan by replacing the wall switch with a “smart ceiling fan wall switch”. This is a touch panel that allows anyone entering the room to control the fan and its lights. It has smart features such as programming.

Which fan brand is best? ›

10 Best Ceiling Fans In India: Price and Rating Comparison
S. NoProduct
1.atomberg Renesa+ 1200mm BLDC Motor 5 Star Rated Sleek Ceiling Fans
2.ACTIVA Premium Series Lotus 1200 MM Noiseless BLDC (28 Watts) Wood Ceiling Fan
3.Usha Bloom Daffodil Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan 1250mm
4.Bajaj Maxima 600 mm Ceiling Fan
6 more rows
Jan 10, 2024

How much should I spend on a ceiling fan? ›

They are customizable in terms of materials and lighting aesthetics, and typically hang from the ceiling on a fixture between 2 inches and 10 inches. Most standard fans cost between $50 and $300.

Is a 3 blade or 4 blade ceiling fan better? ›

The three-blade fan has fewer blades, which means less noise and lower energy consumption. It also provides less air movement, so it might be best for rooms that aren't very large. Four-blades provide more airflow, but they're louder and use more power. They're ideal in larger spaces.

Can I use my phone as a ceiling fan remote? ›

With Fansio compatible smart ceiling fans you can control your ceiling fan 3 ways! Download the app to use your smartphone, voice control with Alexa, Google or Apple Devices or use the wifi remote.

Will ceiling fan trigger motion detector? ›

The way Motion Sensors are placed (using the recommended placement), ceilings fans will usually be out of their "vision." However, even if the ceiling fans were in the sensor's vision range, there should be no reason that they would trigger an alarm.

Is there an app to control my ceiling fan? ›

Fan Remote 4+

Turn your Bluetooth Device into a convenient remote control for your ceiling fan. The “Fan Remote” app when paired with Home Depot's Universal Bluetooth Remote can operate your fan by turning on/off, change speeds to high, medium, low, and control your light kit including dimming feature.

Which company makes the best fans? ›

Honeywell Tower Fan

Excessive noise can be a downside to even the most efficient fans, which is why the Honeywell Quiet Set Tower Fan stands out from the crowd. Even on its highest speed level, it remains relatively quiet while still providing plenty of airflow, oscillation, and cooling.

How much should a good ceiling fan cost? ›

Standard Ceiling Fan

They may have a built-in light fixture, and most have a pull chain to operate the fan speed or light. Standard ceiling fans are available in a variety of sizes and finishes and typically cost $50–$300.

Is Harbor Breeze a good ceiling fan? ›

may even buy another- price is great and Harbor Breeze is a great make. This is an excellent, very attractive, low profile ceiling fan. It was easy to install, and the instructions were excellent. We've had it installed now over ten (10) months, and it has performed very reliably.

Which fan company is the best? ›

The following are some of the best ceiling fans available in India:
  • Bajaj Maxima 600 mm Ceiling Fan. ...
  • Usha Bloom Daffodil Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan 1250mm. ...
  • ACTIVA Premium Series Lotus 1200 MM Noiseless BLDC (28 Watts) Wood Ceiling Fan. ...
  • MILTON Brezza 1200 MM (48”) Star Rated Energy Saving Ceiling Fan for Homes.
Apr 3, 2024


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