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1. InfoHub

  • Human Resources

  • NYC Department of Education InfoHub website

2. InfoHub Quick Links - NYC Public Schools

  • The public InfoHub (Open external link) is where the DOE shares information with partners, providers, researchers, and the general public. ... InfoHub plus lots ...

  • To help you find what is available on the public InfoHub, use this alphabetized list of pages.

3. Employees - NYC DOE

4. nyc doe infohub language access resources

  • Employee-Facing InfoHub (DOE Sign-In Required) · Kindergarten Handwritten Report Card · Grades 1-2 Handwritten Report Card · Grades 3-5 Handwritten Report Card.

  • Employee-Facing InfoHub (DOE Sign-In Required) Discipline Code DREAM Family Letter Immigration Letters - page includes: "Public Charge" Information for Families Letter from Chancellor Carranza Protecting Immigrant Families Flyer Protocols for Non-Local Law Enforcement Actions and Inquiries

5. CCAA Info Hub

  • The school building will be closed. Students must check their DOE emails and google classrooms for assignments/zoom links.

  • Announcements No school on JUNE 6th for Middle School and High School Students. June 7th is a regular school day for ALL students. IMPORTANT UPDATE: CCNY courses are remote until further notice. Please see the message below from Ms. Bogues: As you may be aware, there is ongoing student protest

6. Resources from the DOE and NYC - | Chancellor's Parent Advisory Council


  • Translation and interpretation support; Letters, forms and flyers in all 9 DOE languages; The Office of Sign-Language Interpreting Services (OSLIS).

  • Current resources

8. New York City Dept Of Education - Clever | Log in

  • New York City Dept Of Education · Log in with NYCENET - Recommended for Students and Teachers · Students, Teachers, and School Staff · Log in with Clever Badges ...


9. Parent Info Hub - Park East High School

  • Ramirez, an employee of the NYC DOE, is responsible for encouraging parents to get involved and stay active in their children's education and school community.

  • PTA Meetings (English)

10. Division of School Facilities - School Contact Search Application

  • DOE Buildings and Contacts. Buildings and Contacts. User Guide; System Intro; Search Contacts. Search Buildings & Contacts. Enter building ID or building name ...

  • Enter Building ID Code

11. written translations via doe vendor services, lingualinx - Google Sites

  • DOE InfoHub Language Access Resources · Language Access Rubric · How to Use T&I Services · Over-the-phone Interpretation · Onsite / Remote Interpretation.

  • Making a Translation Request to the DOE contracted vendor, LinguaLinx Make your translation request via this link:

Doe Infohub (2024)


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