The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (2024)

The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (1)

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Wine fridges, also known as wine coolers, may seem extravagant, but anyone who enjoys drinking wine should consider having one. They're designed to replicate a wine cellar's dark, cool and moderately humid conditions, which help wine last longer. Plus, when they're set to the right temperature, your wine will always be at the perfect drinking temperature — about 45º to 55º F for white wines and 54º to 65ºF for red wines.

Wine fridges range from built-in wine fridges as tall as your refrigerator to under-counter wine fridges and freestanding wine fridges; a few can even fit on your counter. The best wine fridges offer versatile temperature control, have a quality cooling system and can accommodate various-sized bottles.

To come up with our list, our experts and product analysts in the Good Housekeeping Institute's Kitchen Appliances Lab, who test hundreds of kitchen products a year from refrigerators to coolers, teamed up with our Test Kitchen editors, who taste endless amounts of wine and have a deep understanding of it, to scour the market and assess popular models based on their features.

We also interviewed sommeliers and beverage directors, including Ian Lokey, beverage director at Sushi Note and Sushi Note Omakase in Los Angeles; Miguel Marquez, beverage director and sommelier at Republica in Portland, Oregon; Jeff Austin, sommelier at Jaleo and é by José Andrés inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas; and Sarah Tracey, Sommelier and Founder of The Lush Life; to better understand what to look for when buying a wine fridge.


    Best Overall

    Wine Enthusiast 32-Bottle Dual Zone MAX Compressor Wine Cooler

    The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (9)

    • The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (10)Uses compressor cooling technology
    • The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (11)Dual-zone cooling with easy controls
    • The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (12)Simple, stylish design
    • The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (13)Racks and depth don't fit odd-shaped bottles

    Wine Enthusiast makes a wide variety of wine fridges that are popular with professionals and hobbyists — and this mid-range option, which uses compressor cooling technology, is no exception. This type of technology is known for maintaining temperatures well, which is important for long-term aging and helpful in warmer climates where fridges need to work harder. For about $500, it's perfect for small to medium collections.

    It features dual-zone cooling (controlled by a straight-forward LED digital display), the ability to sync the upper and lower zones, a 32-bottle capacity and a stylish, black-and-tinted-glass design. Wavy chrome shelves add to the aesthetic and help keep wine bottles in place; plus, the display offers an opportunity to show off your favorites. Some online reviewers note that the racks aren’t accommodating of large or odd-shaped bottles.

    This fridge can’t be installed into shelving or under a countertop. But if you have a collection of Bordeaux-type bottles and want to age some while keeping others ready for serving at a moment’s notice, this fridge has your back. As with most fridges, you'll need to allow at least 2 inches of space on both sides of the cooler and 4 inches in the back and on top to ensure proper air circulation and cooling.

    Dimensions: 16.9" x 19.5" x 33.4" | Bottle capacity: 32 | Zone type: Dual | Temperature range: 41°F to 64°F


    Best Value

    Ivation 28-Bottle Wine Cooler

    The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (14)

    The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (15)

    • The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (16)Dark tinted glass
    • The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (17)Simple design
    • The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (18)Generous interior sizing for odd-shaped bottles
    • The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (19)Single-zone cooling
    • The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (20)Potentially loud compressor and fan

    Popular with shoppers on Amazon, this 28-bottle capacity wine fridge from Ivation has a sleek design, removable shelves and generous interior sizing for non-standard bottle shapes. At under $350, this model is also one of the most affordable wine fridges of its size on the market.

    The double-paned glass door is designed to protect your bottles from UV light, which could create off odors in the wine. There is also the option to turn on an LED light that will illuminate the interior — what better way to showcase your collection? Given all of the cooler's features and prices, we aren't surprised it has an average 4.2 rating from nearly 800 reviews on Amazon.

    This Ivation is only single-zone, meaning you can’t keep different wines at different temperatures, and some reviewers complain of the fridge’s loud compressor and fan (and the empty space needed on either side to make sure the fridge is venting properly). While this model can’t handle a large collection, it’s ideal for beginner collectors with under 30 bottles who want to keep all their wine at one safe temperature and humidity without breaking the bank.

    Dimensions: 17.7" x 16.9" x 33.1" | Bottle capacity: 28 | Zone type: Single | Temperature range: 41°F to 64°F


    Best for All Beverages

    Rocco The Super Smart Fridge

    The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (21)

    • The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (22)Can hold a combination of wine bottles and drink cans
    • The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (23)Modern design
    • The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (24)Works with an app
    • The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (25)Pricey
    • The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (26)Orders are processed in batches and delivery may not be immediate

    A TikTok darling, The Super Smart Fridge is a new entry in the category that’s perhaps the first wine fridge to go viral. It may be expensive, but it's not strictly a wine cooler. It’s designed to chill and store all kinds of beverages: The shelves can hold 27 Bordeaux-shape bottles or 88 cans (or some combo of the two), with the mechanics to get as cold as your kitchen fridge.

    It can be connected to an app — one of the features lets you see inside the fridge unit from your phone. You’ll never need to wonder if you’re low on sparkling wine or water again.

    The retro-modern design in color options, like white, graphite and yellow (pictured), also distinguishes the Rocco from the other wine fridges on this list, which tend to be more low-key and traditional. We think it can double as a piece of furniture.

    Keep in mind that orders are processed in batches and delivery may not be immediate.

    Dimensions: 34.5" x 24" x 16" | Bottle capacity: 27 bottles, 88 cans | Zone type: Dual | Temperature range: 37°F to 64ºF

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    • The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (29)Adjustable legs
    • The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (30)LED display
    • The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (31)Quiet operation
    • The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (32)Fewer advanced features than others on the list

    Perfect for a starter wine collection or a compact kitchen, this small wine fridge by Black+Decker holds eight wine bottles and looks as sleek as the pricier models on this list, due to its black trim and triple-pane glass door. The fridge includes an LED display, three chrome racks and an interior light so you can discern each bottle's label. This wine fridge easily adapts to your needs: Adjustable legs allow you to change the height and the full-length shelves are removable if you have a larger bottle you want to chill.

    Our Lab experts have been impressed with Black+Decker's appliances throughout the years and feel confident recommending this wine cooler as a reliable pick that's gentle on the wallet. An average 4.6 rating from over 500 reviews on Amazon suggests customers agree (nearly 400 of those are five-star reviews).

    In particular, many reviewers said how quiet the fridge operates, with one who noted, "I was looking for a small countertop wine cooler for my small condo. This is perfect. Easy to set up and makes no noise. The temperature has stayed just as I set it."

    Obviously, this fridge is on the smaller side and can't hold medium or large wine collections without you having to purchase multiple. That said, you are getting the amount of space you're paying for (remarkably under $200), which equates to a minimal footprint and fewer advanced features than others on the list.

    Dimensions: 20.1" x 10.24" x 18.5" | Bottle capacity: 8 | Zone type: Single | Temperature range: 46°F to 65°F


    Best Built-In

    Kalamera 46-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

    The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (33)

    • The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (34)46-bottle capacity for medium collections and serving
    • The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (35)Reversible door, sliding racks and multiple finish options
    • The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (36)Dual-zone cooling, built-in and under-counter compatible
    • The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (37)Potential customer service issues

    This 46-bottle capacity wine fridge from Kalamera is loaded with special features from dual-zone cooling and sliding wooden racks to a reversible door. This model can be built into cabinets or tucked under a countertop. It’s ideal for those with medium-size collections who want to flaunt their bottles and keep some at serving temperature for whenever guests come over.

    A carbon filter helps purify air inside the fridge, which is designed to keep bottles better preserved. Another unique feature is a memory function that will restore the set temperature after a power outage. Both of these extras mean your collection will remain in great condition.

    Many reviewers praised the fridge’s design and quiet performance, while some noted they’ve had trouble with the customer service from Kalamera. Keep in mind that the fridge’s interior lights are exceptionally blue — great for some kitchens, but they won’t match every aesthetic.

    Dimensions: 22.4" x 23.4" x 33" | Bottle capacity: 46 | Zone type: Dual | Temperature range: 40°F to 50°F (lower zone), 50°F to 66°F (wine cooler)


    Best Thermoelectric

    Koolatron 20-Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

    The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (38)

    • The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (39)20-bottle capacity for small collections or serving
    • The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (40)Thermoelectric design means less vibration, fewer moving parts, less likely to break and more energy efficient
    • The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (41)Touch screen controls
    • The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (42)Affordable
    • The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (43)Shelves can bend, according to reviews
    • The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (44)Potentially loud fan

    Looking for a quiet and compact thermoelectric wine fridge? This standard 20-bottle wine fridge from Koolatron has excellent reviews and is one of the most affordable models we’ve found.

    Thermoelectric fridges also have fewer moving parts so they're less likely to break than a traditional compressor, which requires several fans and lengthy coils through which refrigerant must pass, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

    With five metal wire racks and a single temperature zone, the Koolatron WC20 is a no-nonsense standalone cooler ideal for aging small wine collections. You can also remove each rack if you have a larger or non-standard shaped bottle.

    The digital touchscreen allows you to adjust the internal temperature and lighting without having to open the door, which is helpful if you are concerned about the ambient temperature impacting your bottles on a hot day. One online customer said they appreciated the interior LED lighting as you can scope out which bottle you want without even opening the door.

    However, the same customer noted that they found the shelves to be cheap as they bent under the weight of a full rack of bottles. While this model doesn’t have a compressor, other reviewers complained about noise from the interior fan.

    Dimensions: 15.75" x 20.25" x 21.25" | Bottle capacity: 20 | Zone type: Single | Temperature range: 46°F to 66°F

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    Best Luxury

    Miele 80-Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler

    The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (45)

    • The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (46)80-bottle capacity for large collections or serving
    • The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (47)Luxury design with specialty adjustable shelving and magnetic labels
    • The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (48)Smart home compatibility
    • The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (49)Dual-zone cooling and built-in compatible
    • The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (50)Very pricey
    • The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (51)Large dimensions for its capacity

    With completely adjustable beechwood racks, magnetic labels, smart home compatibility and a special central shelf for decanting and tasting, this built-in, 80-bottle unit has all the bells and whistles to impress even the most particular home sommelier. It boasts three temperature zones to keep each type of wine (red, white and sparkling) at its optimal temperature and there's enough space to accommodate serious collectors.

    Miele is a GH Seal holder and we are impressed by this gorgeous wine cooler. It will look sleek amidst your kitchen or serving area and can be operated without a handle, thanks to Push2Open technology.

    The fridge also provides optimal storage with robust flexibility. From a fan on the back wall that circulates air to three temperature zones and strong hinges so you can open the door extra wide, the Miele will upgrade a wine connoisseur's current storage. All these special features do come at a price that's more than what you'd pay for some others that have twice the capacity.

    Dimensions: 21.8" x 69.7" x 22" | Bottle capacity: 80 | Zone type: Triple | Temperature range: Not listed

    How we choose the best wine fridges

    The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (52)

    In the Good Housekeeping Institute Kitchen Appliances and Innovation Lab, our experts test all types of kitchen products from large appliances, like the best freezers, to drinkware, like the best wine glasses, and more. We also regularly meet with brand reps and attend industry shows, like the Kitchen and Bath Show, to learn about new models and trends, get hands-on experience with the products and do deep dives with company experts.

    To come up with this list, we researched wine fridges and wine coolers from trusted brands and compared features. We also worked with our Test Kitchen editors, sommeliers and beverage directors to better explain why some wine fridge features are so important.

    When testing wine fridges specifically, we look for temperature uniformity as well as ease of use when it comes to operating the temperature controls, wine settings and temperature zones. We also consider bottle capacity, the storage versatility (in terms of temperature range, zones and the ability to accommodate different sized bottles), price, the material of the shelves, how comprehensible the owner's manual is and whether or not the wine fridge includes features such as tinted glass, sliding racks and a LED display.

    What to look for when shopping for the best wine fridge

    The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (53)

    ✔️ Bottle capacity: A key feature to consider is how many bottles the unit can store. Some wine coolers can house fewer than a dozen, while others can fit more than 100. A handy rule of thumb to determine the bottle capacity for your needs is to assess the number of wines that you’d like to have on hand, then double that amount to estimate your target number. If you’re fairly new to collecting and want to age your wine properly, consider a capacity between 25 and 50 bottles. If you’re just hoping to keep bottles at serving temperature, you can go under 20. If you have a growing collection with many different types of bottles, look for a capacity over 50.

    ✔️ Installation type: The kind of wine fridge you’ll want to buy also depends on where you’re putting it in your home. Make sure to factor in how much open space around the fridge is required for ventilation before you make your purchase.

    • A freestanding wine fridge is good if you have a basem*nt, butler’s pantry or out-of-sight location where style isn’t as much of a concern.
    • A built-in wine fridge is more of an investment but it will seamlessly integrate with your kitchen or bar. Some built-in wine fridges come panel-ready so your new refrigerator can blend right into the rest of your cabinetry, while other options are available in stainless steel.
    • An under-the-counter wine fridge is more compact if you don’t have much extra space. It also can be placed in a corner.

    ✔️ Size of shelves: Many wine fridges are designed to hold bottles in the classic Bordeaux shape (straight-sided with pronounced shoulders near the neck). It's important to consider the shape of the bottles you're most likely to store when shopping for a wine fridge. "I drink a ton of Alsatian and German wines, which come in thinner, longer bottles," said Lokey. "The first annoying lesson I learned was getting deeper shelves that can accommodate these bottles since they would make up most of my collection." Marquez also looks at the shelf specs. "I make sure that big bottles like vintage champagnes can fit without scraping off the label."

    ✔️ Cooling technology (compressor vs. thermoelectric):

    • Compressor wine fridges use standard compressor refrigeration (the same technology you’ll find in your kitchen refrigerator and window AC units), and these are what you'll most commonly find on the market. If you have a large collection, you’re interested in dual-zone cooling and/or design is important to you, you’re better off with a standard compressor model.
    • Thermoelectric energy wine fridges are generally quieter, more energy-efficient and less expensive than their standard counterparts. No compressor also means less vibration that may disturb the sediment in your wine, and fewer parts that may break. But thermoelectric energy can only keep a fairly small space cool efficiently. If you have a small collection and you’re concerned with energy use, you may want to consider getting a small countertop or freestanding thermoelectric wine fridge.

    ✔️ Design: Wine fridges come in a range of styles and finishes, from simple and traditional to ultra-modern and elegant. Choose a fridge that suits your kitchen or home bar style. Make sure the interior lighting, rack style, handle and glass door don’t clash with your existing appliances. Look for coated or tinted glass doors that protect your wine from UV rays that can be damaging to the wine.

    ✔️ Material of shelves: The most common materials are wood and stainless steel. Which one you choose can be a matter of aesthetics and practicality.

    • Stainless steel shelves are a popular choice as they are sturdy and can hold the weight of multiple or larger bottles. Some metal shelves may also be wrapped in silicone to prevent vibrations and clanking of bottles. They are also lower maintenance than wood shelving. "I like vinyl or metal for the ease of cleaning and durability," said Austin who is responsible maintaining hundreds of bottles. For Lokey's collection of 1,500 bottles for the two restaurants in LA, he opts for metal over wood. "It's not as pretty, but neither is wine-stained wood after some time," he said. "I also think the smaller metal grates allow for a bit better organization, but that’s more of a personal preference."
    • Wood shelving is often the better looking option, and can limit the amount of vibration when you slide shelves in and out or open the door, as well as help maintain the temperature of the bottles. Marquez prefers wood for the 450 bottles in his care but said, "Metal also works. I like them both because of price and durability options, but it may depend on your budget."

    ✔️ Extra features: Many wine fridges come loaded with extra features like reversible doors, multiple rack types, temperature zones, LED displays, sliding shelves, locks, alarms and more. Larger models may also have a center shelf for storing bottles upright as well as for decanting and serving. Good insulation is important as well for Austin. "I also look for a low-energy draw compressor that doesn't get too loud." Prioritize the features that will maximize your use of the fridge and help you get the most out of your purchase.

    ✔️ Warranty: Check the warranty on a fridge before you make your purchase, specifically on the compressor. Although wine fridges are generally smaller appliances, their price tags and complex parts mean you should approach buying them as you would any large appliance. Avoid brands with nonexistent custom service or poor warranty policies.

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    Do I need a dual-zone wine fridge?

    The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (54)

    Most experts we talked to recommended a dual-zone wine fridge, which as the name implies, has two different temperature zones. This is advantageous for storing reds and whites separately because you want to serve white wines cooler than reds. In general, aim to serve sparkling wines at 41°F to 45°F; whites and rosés at 45°F to 55°F; and reds at 54°F to 65°F.

    "If you only have one wine fridge, it's best to have a dual zone," said Austin. "It will allow for proper storage of reds and whites, which ideally would be kept at slightly different temperatures." Lokey also prefers a dual zone over single zone. "I can dial in the specific temperature for whites and reds, which means if I have a spur of the moment need to pour them (and who doesn’t?), they’ll be ready to go."

    Dual-zone fridges can be helpful if you have a larger quantity of particularly delicate wines, but they’re not essential. Do note that the built-in divider in these fridges will reduce their overall capacity.

    Ironically, you’ll find that the very smallest and the very largest fridges are typically single-zone — very small ones don’t have space for the divider and very large ones are typically used to store wine over a long period of time, not to serve. If you're using a single-zone wine fridge specifically for serving wine, set it to one of the of the temperature ranges detailed above. If it's for storing wine, the target number is 55°F.

    Ultimately, choose the kind of wine cooler that’s right for you and the kind of wine you hope to store and drink.

    Are wine fridges good for long-term storage?

    The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (55)

    Short answer: Yes! Wine fridges are meant for storing unopened bottles of wine, making them the perfect vessel for aging to occur. They also protect your wine from temperature fluctuations and UV rays which can spoil your wine, explained Tracey.

    A wine fridge will keep your wines at a steady temperature. "Since UV rays can damage the molecules in a wine, wine fridges will keep the wine out of direct sunlight," said Tracey.

    However, if you buy most of your wine from a local store (which are usually meant to be drunk within a year of purchase) or are not planning on storing wine long term, you may not need a fridge to keep your bottles in optim condition. If "your wine storage is in a relatively cool place out of direct sunlight, a wine rack will be just fine," Tracey said.

    A wine fridge can be a splurge purchase, so it's important to evaluate your tendencies and what makes most sense.

    Why trust Good Housekeeping?

    The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (56)

    Susan Choung is the recipe editor for Good Housekeeping and reports on all things related to wine and spirits. Her previous experience includes four years working at a boutique wine and spirits shop in Brooklyn, New York, where tasting and evaluating samples was a daily occurrence. During her five-year tenure as books editor at Food & Wine, she tasted, edited and coordinated testing of all beverage recipes for the co*cktail book series.

    Nicole Papantoniou is the Kitchen Appliances and Innovation Lab director at the Good Housekeeping Institute and has overseen content and testing in this category since 2019. She has worked in test kitchens for small kitchen appliance brands and national magazines, and is trained in classic culinary arts and culinary nutrition.

    Sarah Tracey is certified sommelier, co*cktail expert, writer and educator. She is a beverage director for Michelin-star restaurants in NYC and a drinks contributor at The Food Network. Sarah is the founder of The Lush Life, where you can read up on all things food and wine.

    Ian Lokey is the beverage director of Sushi Note and Sushi Note Omakase in Los Angeles.

    Miguel Marquez is the beverage director and sommelier at Republica in Portland, Oregon.

    Jeff Austin is a sommelier at Jaleo and é by José Andrés inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

    The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (57)

    Susan Choung

    Recipe Editor

    Susan (she/her) is the recipe editor at Good Housekeeping, where she pitches ideas, parses words, and produces food content. In the Test Kitchen, she cooks (and samples!) recipes, working with developers to deliver the best written versions possible. A graduate of Brown University and a collaborator on several cookbooks, her previous experience includes stints at Food & Wine, Food Network, three meal kit companies, a wine shop in Brooklyn and Chez Panisse, the pioneering restaurant in Berkeley, California. She enjoys playing tennis, natural wines and reality competition shows.

    The Best Wine Fridges for Any Budget (2024)


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